Softap® Permanent Cosmetics


Hand Tapping Method

* Consultations are required for exact pricing. Consultation Fee will be applied towards treatment.

Look great no matter what you are doing! Imagine waking up every morning with expertly applied permanent makeup that will not smudge or rub off! You will marvel at your enhanced natural beauty. Intensify your eyes with an eyebrow or eyeliner application. Define your lips with a lip liner or full lip procedure. 

Natural Look permanent cosmetic makeup will save you time and costs of applying your daily cosmetics. If it takes you 20 minutes to apply your makeup each day, you can save over 10 hours per month.  Add up the annual costs of your cosmetics and see that your permanent cosmetics procedure can easily pay for itself in no time at all.

Natural Look Now offers the most natural looking permanent cosmetics. The trick is in the SofTap hand method, it is the most gentle, accurate, fastest healing and softest in appearance once healed. We are able to treat eyebrows, to create hair strokes, soft fill or solidly filled in, partial and fuller brows. Eyeliner, thick, fine, or just lash enhancements. Lips have just the right colors to match your existing color to correct the shape of the lips, create your favorite lip liner, or add color to your full lip. Camouflage will correct color that is absent or to tone down any color. Corrective will lighten any area and areola re-pigmentation to create color where there is none or create a new areola if needed.

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