Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Is permanent makeup a tattoo?

A:  Yes, I use SoftapTM, which is a form of tattooing. It incorporates pigments that are specially formulated for cosmetic tattooing (no artificial dyes). The procedure is done completely by hand, using no electrical devices.

Q:  Does it hurt?

A:  The sensation can be loosely compared to tweezing the eyebrows. For your comfort, a topical anesthetic is used. Most clients experience mild discomfort; however, some experience more discomfort due to varying tolerance levels.

Q:  What if I change my hair color?

A:  Since all color choices are selected to harmonize with your skin tone and natural coloring, changing your hair color will not affect the look of properly applied permanent makeup.

Q:  What is the recovery time for permanent makeup?

A:  The hand method of micropigmentation results in less trauma to the skin and no bruising of the eye and eyebrow area. It is common for clients to return to work the same day. Lips, however, will have some residual swelling.

Q:  Can I still wear traditional makeup over the tattooed area?

A:  Yes! Permanent makeup is designed to be an enhancement to your natural features. Wearing additional cosmetics is a personal choice.

Q:  What if I decide to have cosmetic surgery?

A:  Plastic surgery has no affect on properly placed permanent makeup.

Q:  What is the difference between machine applied micropigmentation and the Softap method?

A:  The machine applied technique, although faster than the hand method, is more invasive. The SoftapTM method is the safest, easiest, most controlled, and creative approach to achieving natural looking results. For eyes, I create individual hair strokes for the eyebrows, as well as eyeliner and eyelash treatments to enhance your individual features.

Q:  How long does it last?

A:  Permanent makeup never washes off or smears. It will fade through the years. The length of time will vary based on colors chosen, skin type, and compliance with after care instructions. Other time factors include medications, sun exposure, and skin exfoliation (both natural and chemically induced). On average, the length of time for touch ups for fair skin is three to five years and for darker skin four to seven years.Permanent cosmetics is considered permanent because once the pigment is implanted into the dermal layer of the skin, it cannot be washed off like traditional cosmetics. However, please remember that the procedure is applied to the skin – a living canvas. Since the skin is a living canvas, it will need routine maintenance. Results will vary depending on your skin and lifestyle.

Q:  How long does it take?

A:  The hand applied method requires two or three applications. The first appointment is considered a “rough draft”. The second appointment will need to be scheduled in four weeks to perfect your makeup. Any subsequent appointments will be set up as necessary.

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